Bigfoot's Killer Tech on ASUS ROG Motherboard

Friday during CES 2011, Bigfoot Networks said that its Killer E2100 gaming network tech has been embedded on a combined LAN/audio card called ThunderBolt. This combo card will be included on the upcoming ROG Rampage III Black Edition motherboard from ASUS.

"Our Killer E2100 embedded networking platform delivers a formidable combination of performance, intelligence and control for online gamers," said Bigfoot Networks CEO Michael Howse. "We are pleased to support ASUS and the Republic of Gamers (ROG) to offer a winning solution for the latest, most demanding generation of online PC games."

Bigfoot's Killer E2100 platform is based on the company's Killer 2100 gaming network card which uses a dedicated network processing unit. The tech also features Bigfoot's Game Networking DNA software that can classify and accelerates online game traffic. Needless to say, Bigfoot's Killer tech should help defeat the hungry lag monster during the ultimate frag-fest or a massive boss raid online.

Friday Bigfoot added that the ASUS ROG Rampage III Black Edition motherboard was designed around feedback received from the PC gaming community. "Powered by Bigfoot Networks' new Killer E2100 networking platform and a host of other gaming-centric features, the ROG Rampage III Black Edition motherboard combines innovative design and technical intelligence to make the PC gaming experience more rewarding and accessible," the company said.

Pricing and availability of the new ASUS motherboard will be provided in early 2011. For now, ASUS is previewing the motherboard at CES 2011 from 9:30am-6:00pm January 6 - 8, 2011 at The Venetian, San Polo Ballroom, booth 3501A. Go have a peek if you're nearby.

  • anonymous_user
    I'm curious which "PC gaming community" they got their feedback from.
  • christop
    This thing is no better than the regular on board nic. Good job adding another 100 to a motherboard for no gains to the customer.
  • tacoslave
    christopThis thing is no better than the regular on board nic. Good job adding another 100 to a motherboard for no gains to the customer.exactly if it was only a 20 dollar markup then meh but this is probably going to add another 80 at least and out of price range for most customers of this board.
  • rwpritchett
    There could be so many other parts in the network that could affect network lag (ISP, routing QoS, etc). As powerful as modern day hardware is, I don't see how a dedicated network processor could help much. Am I missing something?
  • silky salamandr
    Guys just wait till all the people that bought into this crap post. They will try to justify their purchase and make even more of a mockery of themselves in the process.

    "Dude it shaved like 2ms off my ping, it works"
  • bv90andy
    silky salamandr "Dude it shaved like 2ms off my ping, it works":) made my day.

    Yea, pretty pointless.

    on their site:


    Advanced Game Detect™ - Automatically classifies and accelerates traffic to and from your game faster than any other desktop, gigabit networking product on the planet.
    Pointless, any online gamer already turns off all other applications, and what's more you can also do this in software with very little difference
    Visual Bandwidth Control™ - See which applications are hogging bandwidth and tune performance for each, so they don't interfere with your online gameplay.
    again, pointless, and basically the same thing, also you can see what app is using your bandwidth with Windows' included "Resource Monitor"

    Online Gaming PC Monitor™ - Monitor and manage the health and performance of your gaming rig with graphical displays, detailed logging and complete redesigned user interface.
    wait, what?

    Online Gaming PC Monitor™ - Exclusive, at-a-glance displays and controls let you monitor and manage the health and performance of your gaming rig.
    the same thing INCLUDING THE NAME
    Game Networking DNA™- Only Bigfoot Networks exclusive Game Networking DNA™ combines the benefits of a dedicated network processor, Advanced Game Detect™, Windows network bypass, Visual Bandwidth Control™ and other technologies designed to deliver the best online gaming experience possible.
    this is just a roundup of all the "other features"
    this company should be reported and closed by the gov.
    this felt pretty good, sorry for long post ;)
  • snoogins
    Not that I am ever going to go out and buy one these cards, or that mobo setup.. I don't see why everyone has an issue with how people spend their money.

    Some people laugh at others who upgrade their video card, for hundreds of dollars to get 5 more fps.

    Other people laugh at others who don't want to spend over 200 dollars for speakers.

    Its not your money, please stop telling other people how to spend it.
  • ra3tonite
    will this make me download torrents faster
  • mister g
    ra3tonitewill this make me download torrents fasterNot sure if it was rhetorical but probably not, unless you manage to trick the card into thinking it's a gaming stream.
  • COLGeek
    If it adds no cost to the mobo, then great. Otherwise, the cost/performance benefits simply aren't there. Killer has been debated to death in the forums. Pass.