Blu-ray is Penetrating the Market

The Blu-ray Disc Association was proud to announce its successes in growth throughout 2008. With the growing number of HDTV sets in homes, it’s only natural that consumers are looking for content to drive all those new pixels.

Blu-ray Disc promotions group chairman Andy Parsons cited DisplaySearch numbers, claiming that 10.7 million players have sold since the launch of the format. Parsons added that this number doubles DVD’s progress at the same point in the format’s life.

“A lot of people think of DVD as an overnight success, but actually if you look back, we have some data from CEA market research that shows three years into the launch of DVD 5.4 million players had shipped into the U.S. market. So if you are comparing DVD to Blu-ray we are actually looking at a considerably larger number of players that have shipped in only 2.5 years into the life of Blu-ray, so we are doing quite well.”

Of course, the 10.7 million figure includes PlayStation 3 consoles, which is still the Blu-ray player most consumers own. With prices on stand-alone machines dropping as low as $99, however, expect the scales to tip the other way throughout 2009.

Overall, 2008 saw three times as many Blu-ray Disc players sold when compared against 2007.

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  • malveaux
    Lol. First.

    Clearly, so many people care about Bluray. The unfortunate thing is that if you watch a Bluray from 15 feet away, you're not going to see much difference compared to a normal DVD. Bluray is higher quality, for sure, but only at closer distances can the eye actually use that higher res. It's nice for LARGER screen size TVs. It's still not there yet, at least, not for the cost.
  • sacre
    I have a 7.2 flagship sound system, a 96 inch Screen using a Benq W5000 1080P DLP projector and you know what..

    All my HD DVD's have better image quality then the Blu-ray.. why is this? not sure why. I bought a high quality 150 dollar HDMI cable from thesource for this Blu-ray player and still, image isn't as sharp as the HD-DVD.

    When you have a 96 inch screen at 1080p/24 and can look at the fine details, HD-DVD was better in terms of quality. Too bad they didn't make it.
  • I would check your player, I have ripped both bluray and HD-DVD titles and in nearly every case where the film was released in both formats the image quality is *identical* some early BD releases using the MPEG2 codec were awful, but the new releases use the exact same compression as HD-DVD, so I reckon your BD player has issues or isn't setup correctly. Make sure you projector is set to 1:1 mapping as well.