CeBIT 2008: New CPU and Water Coolers from Thermaltake

Double vision - Thermaltake’s DuOrb cooler and a grown-up V1

If you need good cooling performance but one cooler just isn’t enough, there is an obvious solution - just take two instead. It seems that is what Thermaltake’s engineers must have been thinking when they came up with the DuOrb CL-P0464 cooler. It consists of two coolers stemming from the Orb series that are connected to the CPU cooling block via heatpipes.

A dual-fan DuOrb

Thermaltake also unveiled the successor to its V1 cooler. The Dual-V V14Pro is basically a V1 - just much bigger. I sports a 140 mm fan and six heatpipes. The cooler supports all processors using the AM2/AM2+ and LGA775 platforms. Modders will also like the cooler for its blue fan’.

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The V1’s huge cooler with a 140 mm fan

Thermaltake at CeBIT 2008: Hall 24/stand C02

Thermaltake unveils the new version 780 of its Bigwater water cooling series.

Thermaltake unveiled its new Bigwater 780 water cooling solution. It promises easy installation since the cooling unit consisting of the pump and radiator can be installed inside the case. The downside is that it takes up a full three 5.25" drive bays.

The Bigwater 780 can be mounted in the case - providing you have three free 5.25" drive bays.

The Bigwater 780 offers sufficient cooling for all current Socket 775 and Socket AM2+ processors as well as the older Socket 478 and Socket 939/754. Its P500 pump is meant to be especially quiet but powerful. Thermaltake quotes a flow rate of 500 litres per hour. The radiator is also of high quality, bringing more than enough performance to the ensemble as a result of its provenance - it stems from the realm of motor sports.

Thermaltake is also showing the smaller 760is that only needs two 5.25" bays.

Thermaltake at CeBIT 2008: Hall 24/stand C02