CES 2010: Nvidia and 3D Blu-ray

Nvidia is officially on the 3D Blu-ray bandwagon.

During a press conference earlier today, Nvidia laid out new plans for its 3D Vision technology. 3D Vision went on sale earlier this year, but it was only usable with gaming, and only certain titles within that realm. Now, Nvidia is bringing this tech to the movies, and every Nvidia GPU that works with the current 3D Vision setup will be able to handle 3D Blu-ray functionality.

According to Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, companies including Acer, Samsung and LG will be releasing 3D compatible LCD monitors in the near future. For the mobile crowd, Huang also re-confirmed 3D Vision-capable laptops from Clevo, Asus and MSI.

We should have a more intimate look at the latest in 3D Vision from Nvidia later today. In the meantime, check out the rest of our CES-related coverage. More on CES 2010.

  • randerson
    Too many people get headaches for 3d gaming to really take off. I bet this fails
  • AMW1011
    Another useless marketing ploy by nVidia, jst to join PhysX and Cuda.

    Get some GPUs out nVidia!
  • XD_dued
    I'd rather have eyefinity :D
  • I'd much rather they put their minds to developing true Holographic technology and holographic projectors, especially miniature holographic projectors for the desktop or notebook.
  • fulle
    The 58xx series ATI cards list "3D stereoscopic display/glasses support" under their specifications. This isn't just an Nvidia thing. And if you have a compatible display (they need a high 120Hz refresh rate), the idea of putting on some stutter glasses, and playing games in 3D, actually seems like it'd be a lot of fun. Watching movies in 3D would be neat too... HDMI out to my bigscreen, slap some 3D glasses on, and watch Avatar =)

    Getting your 3D glasses from Nvidia seems pretty iffy tho. They don't play well with others.... and there's neutral alternatives like XpanD.

  • meat81
  • accolite
    Epic Fail. I hate stereo vision gives me massive headaches.
  • sunflier
    ...companies including Acer, Samsung and LG will be releasing 3D compatible LCD monitors...
    I've spent a lot of money for dual 24" LCD monitors recently (I want a 3rd one) and now you want to to trash those and buy all new 3D LCD monitors?!! I DONT THINK SO!!!
  • Will the Vision glasses work with the new 3D TVs Sony, Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Toshiba have shown at CES? I hope they do, because they all offer at least 120Hz or even 'manipulated' 480Hz.
    I do hope I can play my PC Games in 3D at a large screen this year.

    On a side note, also the PS3 has enough ressources to deliver a full 3D experience. Check this out:

    Cool that the Nvidia 3D solution drops 50% fps when you can have the same headache experience without :)
  • TunaSoda
    3D technology together with holographic research will someday lead to a true to life 3D image that has no headache issue at all, do you have a headache right now? ;)

    (your whole life is in 3D)