Cooler Master Announces Budget CM Force 500 Enclosure

The CM Force 500 is a budget case that's surprisingly well equipped and includes 8 SATA bays, an internal USB 3.0 connector and space for 6 cooling fans. Additionally, the chassis features an impressive level of support for water cooling, providing the necessary housing for a 240 mm and 120 mm radiator. Though this is certainly not enthusiast class, it is nonetheless impressive given its budget price point.

According to Cooler Master, the enclosure also supports virtually any graphics card on the market and based on the image below, it's clear that a Radeon HD 7990 should fit comfortably. The power supply will also be mounted in the top of the case meaning that every PSU should comfortably fit without any hassle regarding cables that are too short.

Availability is set for mid-February in Europe, with pricing at €39.99. U.S. availability remains unknown, but is estimated to be around $55.


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  • brazuka331
  • virtualban
    Is it just me, or that card looks as if going to break the motherboard?
  • greghome
    So, what's the downside? less metal, more plastic? :/