MSFT Launches Web Reality Show About IT Pros

Sure, American Idol just returned to our screen and Simon Cowell is still deciding who he wants to head up the U.S. version of the X Factor, but it’s also a time for new reality shows. And no, we’re not talking about the newest season of Jersey Shore.

BetaNews reports that Microsoft last week launched a website for a social media endeavour called the Career Factor. The aim of the show it to document the experiences of nine IT professionals. Each of the candidates has set a career goal for him or herself, and will be posting videos, blog posts, and tips for the rest of the world to follow along on their journey. So far there's not a lot of content from the entrants. However, most of them have posted introductory videos already. Check out this submission from Neil, one of the candidates involved in the program.

Check out the full list of candidates below:

  • Steve, an unemployed job seeker from Brisbane, Australia. His career goal: "Update skills and certifications to find a new job." More on Steve here.
  • Tim, a senior IT architect from New York City. His career goal: "Transition skills to Exchange and Active Directory." More on Tim here.
  • Kevin, a student from Dallas, Texas. His career goal: "Find a job after graduating from college." More on Kevin here.
  • Bojan. an "aspiring Microsoft Certified Master" from London. His career goal: "Complete the MCM: Exchange Server 2010 course." More on Bojan here.
  • Eddie, a barista from San Diego. His career goal: "Transition back into the IT industry and obtain TS and PRO level certifications." More on Eddie here.
  • Rabeb, a student from Tunis, Tunisia. Her career goal: "To develop and release a Windows Phone 7 app to the Marketplace." More on Rabeb here.
  • Neil, a "senior software development engineer" from Dublin, Ireland. His career goal: "To learn how to develop an application on Windows and SQL Azure." More on Neil here.
  • Simon, a principal software engineer from Chester, UK. His career goal: "Get team certified to meet Microsoft Partner competency requirements." More on Simon here.
  • Caroline (pictured), a student from Calgary, Canada. Her career goal: "Train to compete and succeed at the 2011 Certiport Worldwide Competition on Office." More on Caroline here.

A Microsoft spokesperson spoke to BN about Career Factor and said the participants had only been chosen recently.

"In early November Microsoft Learning issued a casting call for the nine different story arcs, where candidates sent in an application accompanied by a video introduction of why they think they would be good for the show," the rep explained. "The participants were selected in mid-December and started prepping for the launch."

Though it’s a novel idea, we’re not sure it’s going to be successful. Is this the reality show you’ve been waiting for? Let us know in the comments below!

  • jossrik
    I'm tired of the "reality" show stuff. I stopped watching after the first season of "Survivor" where no one died, so technically, they all won. I wasn't expecting "Faces of Death", but come on, name it survivor, then have people compete at things that they're going to "survive", have personnel off camera at all times to make sure no one got hurt. If it's gonna be reality, I want reality, and none of it is. Reality is boring. Rabeb wants to make a Windows Phone 7 App. Must see TV. This reminds me of "Family Guy" where Brian is a seeing eye dog for a guy at a "Blair Witch" showing. "Nothing's happening. Nothing's happening. Something about a map. Nothing's happening. The movie's over, a lot of people look pissed."
  • Benihana
    Well, I haven't watched many reality shows at all, so this'll be one of those that just leaves me in the dust. Sounds quite nerdy though!
  • eddieroolz
    I don't watch reality stuff, but this is a segment that hasn't been covered before.
  • sudeshc
    "The aim of the show it to document the experiences of nine IT professionals"
    should have been "is", i think.
  • iamtheking123
    If your only career goal is to "get certified in some Microsoft course" then you should be also contemplating suicide.

    Obviously this is more Microsoft product/service advertising than anything else.
  • JamesSneed
    Oh my if people actually watch this I will give it to Microsoft's marketing but it really should be a huge fail.

    These career golas are so silly as half of them are certifications and that is no real career goal. A career is something you get paid to do. A certification is something you pay for. Marketing BS. These goals are like saying I want to stop at a red light in Dallas. The end result is that im going to watch a Cowboys game. That end result should be the goal not the stupid cerification to get you there.
  • jacobdrj
    Aaaaah yes, the education scam :)
  • enewmen
    Why IT? That's a very demanding and unglamorous profession.
  • Darkv1
    I really wish reality TV would just die...
  • tomasswood
    I wont watch it... but go the Aussie!