Cell-Mate is Low-Tech Handsfree Talking

The Cell-Mate has the capacity to make you look like a complete knob. Really, it does.

CES is huge and despite this year’s show being a lot smaller than last year’s, you still tend to check out the big stuff and then as much of the small stuff as you can squeeze in. Anything weird or wacky you see on your travels, you stumble upon along the way. Still, there’s a boatload of crap, hiding in the dark depths of the Las Vegas Convention Center, that you just walk right past.

We managed to miss the Cell-Mate this year, which is something we would have loved to see someone wearing. I have no idea where this booth was at CES, but I hope those who happened past at least got a giggle out of it. If they didn’t, they’re probably still mourning the four seconds of their life that they’ll never get back. I say four seconds because that’s all it takes to figure out this ‘gadget.’

It’s a handsfree kit. You strap your phone to your head. With what looks like velcro. We’re all well aware of the fact that in an increasing number of states there are laws about talking on your cell phone and driving, but that doesn’t mean you can try and sell me an Alice band and call it a handsfree kit. The Cell-Mate comes from Laser Products Industries, which we're told is a company focused on supplying lasers to help professional fabricators, builders and carpenters accurately measure new construction jobsites. Probably why they're not so hot at producing products that rival your run-of-the-mill Bluetooth headset, then.

I don’t think I can go on with this post other than to present exhibit A: need I say more?

What's your experience with small consumer electronics? Have you ever bought something that turned out to be complete junk?

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  • zodiacfml
  • nekatreven
    As far as when I'm working or gaming or browsing...I just put my phone under my headphones.

    Make sure you take the phone and put it back on the table when you get off the phone though...and don't forget. You just thought it was loud before...you let it go off strapped to your head and you won't be happy...
  • ckthecerealkiller
    Ummm unless they give this to me for free this is a completely useless product. If your phone is so old you don't even have an option for a wired headset you are likely so cheap you wouldn't spend the $3 that this product should go for.