Cooler Master Announces New V-Series PSUs

The Cooler Master Premium V-Series PSUs is based upon Japanese electrolytes, solid capacitors, high-quality 42 mm transformers, and a custom design PCB that lines up all rails, ensuring minimum voltage plane cross-overs.

The PSUs feature a single-rail design with “outstanding voltage stability, ripple suppression and efficiency.” The series is rated with an 80 Plus Gold Certification with up to 93 percent efficiency at 50 percent load. The V-Series includes a high quality 135 mm FDB cooling fan for silent operation and a fully modular design that will utilize the company’s new “extra slim flat-ribbon cables.”

The CoolerMaster V-Series PSUs will be released in Europe in this month with a five-year manufacturer's warranty and will be priced at €109.16 for the V700, €134.37 for the V850, and €159.58 for the V1000.

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  • TheBigTroll
    i have yet to see a CM psu to be outstanding
  • DarkSable
    I do not care what they're going to be named, or that cooler master is selling them - the only time I would consider it is if you told us who the OEM is. (Unless it IS cooler master, in which case.. fat chance.)
  • anort3
    Shockingly enough the OEM is Seasonic. We might just have a winner here.