Intel Plans to Discontinue Multiple CPUs, Incl. Core i5-3450

Intel has announced the discontinuance of its highly popular Sandy Bridge processors. These processors are still among the best selling CPUs, even after the release of Ivy Bridge. They have been mainstays with overclockers and enthusiast builders since its initial release in January 2011. With Ivy Bridge in full swing and Haswell set for early 2013, Intel has started phasing out the Sandy Bridge processors. 

Intel has released the schedule for the following processors: Celeron G440, Core i5-2310, i5-2320, i5-2400, i5-2400S, i5-2405S, i5-2500, i5-2500K, i5-2500S, i5-2500T, i7-2600, i7-2600K, i7-2600S and i7-2700K. In addition, Intel has announced the discontinuance of a processor that was just recently released, the Ivy Bridge Core i5-3450 processor. 

Forecasted Key Milestones: Tray Boxed
Product Discontinuance Program Support Begins:09/24/201209/24/2012
Product Discontinuance Demand To Local Intel Rep.:12/28/2012Not Applicable
Finalize Discontinuance Assurance:01/25/2013Not Applicable
Last Corporate Assurance Product Critical Date:03/20/2013Not Applicable
Last Product Discontinuance Order Date:03/29/201303/29/2013
Orders are Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable After:03/29/201303/29/2013
Last Product Discontinuance Shipment Date:09/27/2013While Supplies Last

All the CPUs listed are set to be available for orders through 03/29/2013, and will continue to ship while supplies last (boxed versions) or until 09/27/2013 (tray versions).


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  • halcyon beloved 2500K is on the least they'll be around for another year.
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  • halcyon beloved 2500K is on the least they'll be around for another year.
  • rjkucia
    Kind of surprising, as I didn't think they had too many Ivy Bridges for the low-end market yet.
  • hero1
    This rig that I have now will be turned into HTPC once Haswell comes out. Can't wait!