Bethesda Reveals E3 2010 Lineup

With E3 2010 just weeks away, press contacts are now starting to farm out booking requests for interviews and hands-on time with showcased games. Bethesda Softworks sent over its request today and revealed the games both Bethesda and id Software will be showing in the booth. The biggest news is probably a promise of a new presentation of id's latest FPS, RAGE, however details were scarce--we're betting we'll see all three platforms showing the game in action simultaneously.

In addition to the post-apocalyptic shooter, Splash Damage's Brink (PC, X360, PS3) will make an appearance, an upcoming FPS featuring a story mode that's playable online with up to eight players. Brink centers around a floating, Utopian city called The Ark. Originally built as a prototype, the city is only capable of supporting 5,000, however over the years its population has amassed to 50,000. The two opposing forces--the Resistance and Security--rage in a civil war, fighting over the city.

Also on show will be inXile Entertainment's Hunted: The Demon's Forge, a third-person co-op fantasy game set for the PC, X360, and PS3. "Taking control of either E'lara, a ranged weapon expert, or Caddoc, a master swordsman, you must use a variety of weapons, powerful spells, and cover tactics to battle your way through menacing dungeons, overgrown ruins, and downtrodden towns. Discover secrets and complete co-op-based puzzles whilst exploring the sinister world to discover answers to the game's deep, dark mysteries," reads the game's description.

Bethesda will also show Fallout: New Vegas, the next chapter in the Fallout franchise developed by Obsidian Entertainment. This installment takes place three years after Fallout 3 and 203 years after the Great War of 2077. The setting is a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas and Mojave Desert, however it won't be as mutant-ridden and crumbled as other Fallout cities.

  • liquidsnake718
    Rage looks to add more intense gaming by combining resident evil, doom, duke nukem, and dead space all in one game
  • hamthony
  • nforce4max
    Wares TES V?

  • Where is Elder Scrolls V?
  • burnley14
    Bethesda makes great games. I'm hoping these will follow the trend . . .
  • Kelavarus
    w3sleymWhere is Elder Scrolls V?
    'Nuff said.
  • dEAne
    I have played quake and doom in my teen years but I have not tried RAGE. I try soon.
  • unwanted
    I actualyl have fingers crossed there wont be a TES V and they are secretly making a TESMMO :D
  • NOOO I don't want subscriptions. TES V + Multiplayer would be freaking awesome.
  • tharkis842
    *Sigh* TES V seems like a forgotten dream.