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EK Water Blocks Releases Two More GTX Titan Water Blocks

EK Waterblocks has released two more water blocks for Nvidia's GTX Titan. The two blocks will be called the EK-FC Titan Nickel CSQ and the EK-FC Titan XXL Edition. The blocks are similar to blocks released earlier from EKWB, with the only differences being the appearance and connectivity.

The EK-FC Titan Nickel CSQ carries the same looks as seen from EKWB's other blocks, and it supports the Bridge and Link CSQ. The block will hit the market in a black POM Acetal version as well as an acrylic version. The difference is that this block is plated in nickel.

The EK-FC Titan XXL Edition is a larger water block. It covers all of the GTX Titan, as it is an extended version of the original EK-FC Titan. Included in the packaging is a backplate for the unit, allowing buyers to sandwich their Titans between some water cooling goodness. It is a unit that is built with an Acetel exterior and a nickel-coated cooling block. The unit is compatible with G 1/4" ports and is thus compatible with most other water cooling kits.

Both units will be available in the EK Webshop for an MSRP of $127.99 and $179.22 for the EK-FC Titan Nickel CSQ and the EK-FC Titan XXL Edition, respectively.

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Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • patrick47018
    Both look promising, if you got the money to shell out for a Titan, go big or go home I guess.
  • DarkSable
    I like the EK-FC... now I want a titan for my mini-itx rig...
  • ikyung
    Full covers always looks better. Yummy.
  • anti-painkilla
    Acrylic with coloured water/ uv lights would look amazing.
  • upgrade_1977
    I already bought the original blocks, what extra do the bigger blocks cool, or is it just aesthetics?