Google's Zerg Rush Easter Egg is the Best Yet

Every now and again, the fine folks on Google's search team will take time out of their busy days to surprise us with a fun little easter egg. Some of our favorites have included 'Tilt,' which put all your search results off kilter, 'Do a barrel roll,' which rotated search results a full 360 degrees, and 'Binary,' which change the number of found results to read out in binary. However, this latest easter egg has just been bumped to number one on our list and will be pretty difficult to top.

Searching for 'Zerg Rush' will result in tons of Google little O's rushing down to destroy your search results little by little. Clicking on the O's will kill them and a little score box to the right monitors your APM and score. 

Check it out for yourself here.

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  • sliem
    Lol, I love it
  • dragonsqrrl
    It's awesome. Tried it a couple hours ago, got 260 apm.
  • tektek2000
    baaah i knew I shouldn't have quit starcraft.. i knew google would do this one day.. so now I lost my page search!!

    where's my firebat!
  • molo9000
    looks like Opera invaded Google.
  • lilotimz
    'looks for my scv's and supply depots......'
  • warmon6
    darn it, looks like the invasion started well ahead of schedule.. Now were did i put those lasers?
  • Proof Starcraft is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • samuelspark
    Fail APM indictator. SC2 Pros don't have 300 APM by just left-clicking a lot.
  • lahawzel
    I actually think the APM counter is off; it showed me as having 529 APM when my SCBW spam-APM is only ~300, and that's with keyboard usage. Maybe it isn't running at full speed on my computer?
  • memadmax
    Hehe cool.