EeePC Keyboard Gets Priced, Launching February

The EeePC Keyboard was one of the more notable announcements at CES last year. It made a splash in 2009 and then just seemed to linger in product launch limbo. Now it's 2010 and the device is making news again. This time, Asus says we'll see the keyboard in February. What's more, we've got a price for it too!

Just to jog memories – because this thing has been around f-o-r-e-v-e-r – the Eee Keyboard is basically a nettop in keyboard form. The idea is that you hook it up to an external display via either VGA or HDMI. It's got a 5-inch touchscreen display in place of the number pad and it packs Intel's Atom N270, 1GB of RAM, a 16GB SSD (with the option to upgrade to 32GB), and a built-in battery that's said to last up to four hours.

PC Magazine reports the Eee Keyboard will be available in February for between $499 and $599 depending on configurations.

Who wants one?

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  • Silmarunya
    Way overpriced for what it offers imo. After all, my mobile phone can do most of the things this will do easily, and the few things it can't can be done much better by the PC that's in front of me...
    Miniature pc-like devices are nice, but not when it's supposed to be used... in front of a proper PC!
  • blackbyron
    "nettop", what does that mean? Or the word is mispelled?
  • thackstonns
    blackbyron"nettop", what does that mean? Or the word is mispelled?

    A nettop is a netbook but in desktop form. Basically a byom.(bring your own monitor)