Enermax Lists its Haswell Compatible Power Supply Units

One of the caveats of Intel’s 4th Generation “Haswell” processors is that its C6 and C7 states might be too energy efficient as they draw just 0.05 A. Not all power supply units are able to deliver such a minimal load with a stable voltage that would prevent system crashes.

Enermax has formally listed its “Haswell” compatible power supply units, which reassuringly includes the vast majority of the mid-end and high-end PSUs that the company has launched since 2008. The full list of compatible models and their respective part numbers are available below.

Modu87+ Series
Modu87+ 500W (EMG500AWT)
Modu87+ 600W (EMG600AWT)
Modu87+ 700W (EMG700AWT)
Modu87+ 800W (EMG800EWT)
Modu87+ 900W (EMG900EWT)

Platimax Series
Platimax 500W (EPM500AWT)
Platimax 600W (EPM600AWT)
Platimax 750W (EPM750AWT)
Platimax 850W (EPM850EWT)
Platimax 1000W (EPM1000EWT)
Platimax 1200W (EPM1200EWT)
Platimax 1500W (EPM1500EGT)

Pro87+ Series
Pro87+ 500W (EPG500AWT)
Pro87+ 600W (EPG600AWT)

Revolution85+ Series
Revolution85+ 850W (ERV850EWT)
Revolution85+ 920W (ERV920EWT)
Revolution85+ 950W (ERV950EWT)
Revolution85+ 1020W (ERV1020EWT)
Revolution85+ 1050W (ERV1050EWT)
Revolution85+ 1250W (ERV1250EGT)

Revolution87+ Series
Revolution87+ 550W (ERV550AWT-G)
Revolution87+ 650W (ERV650AWT-G)
Revolution87+ 750W (ERV750AWT-G)
Revolution87+ 850W (ERV850EWT-G)
Revolution87+ 1000W (ERV1000EWT-G)

MaxRevo Series
MaxRevo 1200W (EMR1200EWT)
MaxRevo 1350W (EMR1350EWT)
MaxRevo 1500W (EMR1500EGT)

Triathlor Series
Triathlor 385W (ETA385AWT)
Triathlor 450W (ETA450AWT)
Triathlor 550W (ETA550AWT)

Triathlor FC Series
Triathlor FC 550W (ETA550AWT-M)
Triathlor FC 650W (ETA650AWT-M)
Triathlor FC 700W (ETA700AWT-M)

  • de5_Roy
    'too energy efficient' hah.
    low quality psu sellers like coolermaster, diablotek, thermaltake, raidmax will have to either improve their quality or turn to amd. :P
  • ikyung
    so.... basically all their recent PSUs?
  • WithoutWeakness
    10744638 said:
    so.... basically all their recent PSUs?

    That's why it says "which reassuringly includes the vast majority of the mid-end and high-end PSUs that the company has launched since 2008" in the article.
  • danwat1234
    I doubt this will be an issue. The motherboards will probably have capacitors and filtering to cushion weird voltage swings. More than likely any old ATX power supply of sufficient load ratings can run it fine.
  • zodiacfml
    energy efficent cpu? yet the lowest rated power supply here is 385 watts which is already plenty of power. i don't buy this recommendation, besides, minimal load is approximately no load, why would PSUs will have a problem?