External HDD Combines Storage, Speaker, USB

Yanko Design features an interesting creation--built for gadget manufacturer LaCie--by Andrew Seunghyen Kim called Monami (a play on the French words meaning "My Friend"). This special set consists of a LaCie external hard drive, a unique mouse, and a USB stick crammed into one package. If that's not enough, it also sports 4 USB ports (one of which is mounted on the top), and a 3-inch wide-range speaker to "enhance a laptop's audio."

Monami's HDD offers a storage capacity of 2TB. There's a strange, circular leather patch mounted just above the drive's white outer hull, and will stretch upwards into a wave-like form "representing the ideas held inside the HDD." The leather wave mound is also magnetic, allowing users to ugly-up the device by pouring on paper clips.

As for the additional 16GB USB memory stick, it offers a little more storage, and is mainly designed to be parked in the hub located on the top (next to the weird leather patch). Mounted underneath the HDD users will find the 3-inch speaker parked on the Monami's black base.

The LaCie mouse is just as unusual as the HDD itself, sporting a UFO-like appearance with its saucer shape and glass-like surface. Without obvious buttons, users can navigate/click, swipe, scroll, and pinch. Flip the device on its side and you have a remote control capable of managing volume and video clips (forward and backward) on a connected PC or laptop.

Currently there's no indication of when the LaCie Monami will be available for public consumption.

  • DokkRokken
  • drutort
    i guess you can make any random shapes, and call it art? but functional? or practical is a different story...

    jeez you can even use software to generate garbage like this... dont need a person to come up with something this retarded
  • dogofwars
    I don't think I will buy that crap
  • HighHandz
    That mouse looks very uncomfortable to hold.
  • My favorite part is the wonton use of magnets (Magnetic idea bubble turdy thing and speaker) up close and personal to the hard drive. If this flies I smell a pile of lost data and RMA'd monamis!
  • babybeluga
    Ok, so I read the article and study the picture and I still have no clue about what the hell it is...Maybe I'm just over-analyzing it.
  • kalogagatya
    it looks like a telegraph in a way...

    also like something very unpractical.
  • ShadowFlash
    well hard drives are safe from magnets now-a-days anyhow....I did the "feds at the door" experiment a number of times with an industrial electro-magnet that can pick up 12'x6'x2" sheets of steel all day without breaking a sweat. Flip it on, slap a HDD to it, let it sit for 5 minutes, plug it back in, and voila, nothing wrong with it at all....I've also done the opposite route, and slapped a HDD on a De-Mager with the same results...no lost data.....magnets and HDD's today are a myth.....unless you precision drill a hole and mount a vial of acid on a pull string, your data is relatively safe from anything other than mechanical failure...but I'm not paranoid or anything...lol...
  • Gin Fushicho
    Seems... awkward.
  • JohnnyLucky
    strange looking gadget.