SanDisk Intros Extreme II SSD for Gamers, OEM Solutions

SanDisk added on Monday three new additions to its SSD portfolio: the high-performance SanDisk Extreme II SSD for technology enthusiasts and gamers, and two new OEM SSDs designed for cutting-edge notebooks and tablets. All three are built using the company's 19 nanometer (nm) manufacturing process technology.

SanDisk said its new fourth-generation retail SSD, the Extreme II SSD, is the company's fastest and most responsive SATA 3 SSD to date, delivering up to 550 MB/sec sequential read and 510 MB/sec sequential write speeds, and up to 95,000 random read IOPS and 78,000 random write IOPS. It's qualified to deliver 80 terabytes written (TBW) over its lifetime, and comes with a five-year limited warranty with purchase.

Of course, the sequential read and write performance will depend on the capacity. The 120 GB version has a sequential write speed of up to 340 MB/s whereas the 240 GB and 480 GB models have sequential write speeds of up to 510 MB/s and 500 MB/s respectively. Sequential read speeds aren't quite so far apart, ranging from up to 550 MB/s on the 120 and 240 GB models to up to 545 MB/s on the 480 GB model.

"The SanDisk Extreme II SSD provides hiccup-free, smooth gaming with faster loading and quicker multimedia playback," the company said. "Videos, programs, and anything else stored on the SSD will load faster, saving time and increasing productivity."

In addition to the Extreme II SSD, SanDisk broadened its portfolio for OEMs with two new products. The U110 SSD is designed for a variety of computing device designs, offered in Half-Slim SATA, mSATA, mSATA mini, 2.5 inch cased and M.2 formats, and the mSATA version of the X110 SSD which provides 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB capacities. These join the i110 iSSD which delivers up to 128 GB of storage in 16x20 mm and 12x16 mm BGA form factors.

“The SanDisk Extreme II SSD, our fastest and most responsive SATA III SSD to date, is a great option for gamers, PC enthusiasts or any consumers who want to get the most from their computing experience. And, we’ve enhanced two of our most popular OEM SSDs to enable PC makers to push the boundaries of computing even further. These new SSD products reaffirm the standard set by SanDisk for performance, reliability and flexibility.”

As for availability and pricing, the Extreme II SSD is available now and costs $129.99, $229.99 and $439.99 for the 120 GB, 240 GB and 480 GB model respectively. The new mSATA version of the SanDisk X110 SSD is also now available through the company’s SanDisk for Business worldwide distribution channel.

  • zyky
    I'd rather Tom's did more technical pieces and acted as a PR mouthpiece less.
    At least mention it has a Marvell controller somewhere. Is how you talk about a new drive.
  • razor512
    That price needs to be about $20-25 cheaper across the board because they cost more than similarly performing SSD's (in terms of specs)
  • Soda-88
    TLC SSD priced over 1$/GB (for 120GB model)?
    Think I'll pass