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VIDEO: Fractal Design's Define XL Case Meets a Shotgun

When you're building a computer, a lot of thought goes into the kind of case you're going to use for your brand new PC. Similarly, a lot of thought goes into designing these cases.

Fractal Design's Josh Smith says that a reviewer recently commented on the thickness of the panels used in the company's Define XL case, because this case has super-thick panels. Smith wanted to find a way to put a real world spin on the thickness of the Define XL's panels. After all, a measurement is just a number (or a 'boring number' as Smith says). The answer they came up with was guns. Specifically, they decided a 12-gauge shotgun was ideal for proving the durability of the Define XL's panels.

Check the video below for some gun-meets-case action. Oh, and in case you were interested: Benchmark Reviews reports that the Define XL's panels measure in at 0.047 inches thick. The entire case weighs almost forty pounds and a single panel weighs just under seven pounds.

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