Tom's Guide: 15 Free PC Tools for Artists

Programs like Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Maya are pretty expensive. However, these are the kinds of tools that artists working in digital mediums need to edit, perfect, or sometimes even create their work. Whether it's your job, or simply just a hobby, these kinds of programs are definitely an investment. However, there is also a ton of tools that aim to offer a free alternative to each of the aforementioned programs as well as others. Take a look at the Tom's Guide team's top 15 in today's '15 Free PC Tools for Artists.'

As computers became more powerful (and more user-friendly), their potential as creative machines has increased leaps and bounds. Stunning graphic designs and easily-understood visuals are literally a handful of clicks and keyboard presses away, especially if you rely on the fifteen pieces of software we list here. Even better: all of our selections cost nothing to download, save for the money you'll spend on your net connection and electricity. 15 Free PC Tools for Artists

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