Frog Concept PC Case Features Instant-On Media

Looks like GMC (the PC case maker, not SUV manufacturer) slapped the "Frog" concept PC case together for the sake of presenting something new for COMPUTEX 2010. The not-entirely-working mock-up supposedly accepts mini-ITX motherboards, and has a small LCD screen on top for an instant-on media mode.

Also on the top are big dials to change the channel and set the volume level, playback controls, and separate power buttons for the PC and instant-on mode. On either side of the main unit are stereo speakers, while at the front is a cooling grill and a DVD drive slot. All in all, the Frog looks like the bastard child of a small PC and a stereo component.

Since the concept is called "Frog", it follows that the casing should feature green accents on a tacky shiny black plastic finish. Maybe GMC should've gone for the minimalist washed or gun metal look? Less plastic and more steel always adds a certain class to consumer electronics, don't you think? Here's to hoping that GMC—or another company—improves on the aesthetics while retaining the stereo-like form factor. It would be great to control everything in the living room—games and the rest—from one gadget that looks like a genuine appliance.

  • killerclick
  • sliem

    That doesn't look like a frog at all.

    Too ugly and bulky to be an HTPC.
  • nforce4max
    No thanks I'll stick with my rust bucket and Thermaltake Xaser V (silver with blue led).
  • victomofreality
    I like the instant on media idea more computers should come with that.
  • Mr_Man
    An ASUS motherboard I had a few years back had an instant-on feature where it would play music from the CD drive without booting to Windows if you pressed a key. I wonder if this isn't pretty similar to that.