G.Skill Launches Energy-efficient 16 GB DDR2-800 And 2 GB DDR3-1800 Kits

Taipei (Taiwan) - Having as much system memory as possible has always been a must for professional users, especially if the focus is on memory-hungry applications such as image, video or audio. Here is a new new option for such users: 16 GB of DDR2-800.

G.Skill has begun offering a 4 x 4 GB as well as a 2 x 4 GB kit with CL5 latency (5-5-15) with either 16 GB or 8 GB capacity. If you are interested in buying these kits, of course, you will have to make sure that your system actually supports 4 GB DIMMs, otherwise you may end booting with 16 GB at DDR2-667 (or lower), or booting with only 8 GB.
G.Skil said that the memory is guaranteed to work on motherboards based on Intel P35, X38 and X48 chipsets and with the majority of AMD chipsets for the AM2 platform (AMD 790FX, 780G, 690G, nForce 590, 570).

Nvidia’s nForce 680i and 780i support up to 8 GB of memory, so your choice here is limited. What makes this kit "energy-efficient" is the operating voltage. Engineers managed to plump 4 GB of memory on a single DIMM and still keep the DDR2 specs of 1.8V, matching the power bill and heat with the standard.

The second product launched is a 2 GB DDR3-1800 "energy-efficient" memory kit. These two sticks carry a capacity of just 1 GB each. However, what makes this kit interesting is the fact that G.Skill continues the tradition of its NQ series and provides an overclocking memory kit that works at only 1.5V, which is the JEDEC-defined DDR3 voltage and reduces the need for higher voltages.

  • 16GBoflust
    I'm interested in the 16 GB kit. Does anybody know roughly how much it costs and if it's ok with the latest motherboards - socket 775.