Samsung Galaxy Beam Projector Phone Launches in the UK

Thanks to the advent of smartphones, we've grown used to the idea that our cell phones can do a whole lot more besides just making phone calls. Now, Samsung is adding pocket-projector to the list of things its smartphones are capable of. The South Korean company is launching its latest Galaxy smartphone in the United Kingdom this week. Dubbed the Galaxy Beam, this phone is a bit different in that it also boasts a built-in projector.


Packing a 4-inch display, and a 1 GHz dual-core processor, the Galaxy Beam was a long time coming. First unveiled at Mobile World Congress, the phone boasts an 5-megapixel camera (720p recording capabilities at 30fps), 8GB of internal memory, a 2000mAh battery, and the ability to share content instantly via the Beam's 15-lumen projector. The phone is capable of displaying HD images and video up to 50 feet wide.


"We were delighted by the hugely positive response we received from both customers and media when we first announced the Galaxy Beam at Mobile World Congress back in February," said Simon Stanford, Vice President of Telecommunications & Networks at Samsung UK and Ireland. "It's the kind of device you won't find anywhere else – a high definition projector within a standard sized smartphone – and is great for people who want to watch movies, show photos to friends or need to give a presentation while they're out and about."

Unfortunately, the phone is let down a little by the fact that it ships with Android 2.3. Samsung hasn't mentioned much regarding software updates, either. The Galaxy Beam is available for free on contract with Orange and T-Mobile UK.

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  • Parsian
    innovative? perhaps, but crappy on battery. but then again, the chances are, you can connect it to your laptop while u r using the projection function.
  • tapnick
    I find this pretty cool but not very practical. In my experience its pretty standard for companies to have tv/monitors/projectors in every conference room, so I don't see a huge business demand for it. As far as personal use finding a good spot to project on in the real world to enjoy a quality viewing would not be worth the trouble in comparison to just have a phone with an hd screen.
  • NightbladeXX
    ya this looks cool but when am i ever going to use it? my gs3 sucks the battery when im watching on the phone's screen i cant imagine the projector being easier on the battery