Gauntlet Node Turns 2.5-inch HDD/SSD into Wireless Storage

On Tuesday Patriot Memory introduced the Gauntlet Node, a hard drive enclosure that turns any new or used 2.5-inch HDD or SSD into a wireless storage solution. Previously announced as the Gauntlet Wifi, it offers up to 1 TB of storage that can be accessed by tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops. It's also hot swappable, enabling users to switch out drives when needed.

"Using Gauntlet Connect, available through Google Play, Amazon App Store, and iTunes, the Gauntlet Node is capable of sharing or streaming to 8 connected devices for excellent on the go productivity or entertainment. Powered by a lithium ion battery, the Gauntlet Node can stream movies, music, and photos or transfer data continuously for up to 5.5 hours," the company said.

The enclosure includes 802.11 a/b/g/n connectivity, a USB 3.0 external data port, an internal SATA interface, WPA security, a 150 Mb/s transfer rate, and a lithium-ion polymer battery that provides up to 5.5 hours of continuous streaming. For desktops and laptops, the enclosure supports Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox and Safari for web-based access.

"The Gauntlet Node is set to provide the most flexible wireless storage solutions available," said Mike Kroll, Patriot Memory’s Director of Peripherals Product Management. "With a DIY form factor that supports standard 2.5-inch HDDs and SSDs and includes built in features like Wifi and USB 3.0 connectivity, the Gauntlet Node is an amazingly powerful way to expand the storage of popular mobile devices like smart phones, tablets, and ultrabook class laptops."

The Gauntlet Node is shipping now to select United States retailers and will be available for an MSRP of $99.99. Availability in regions outside of the United States will be announced soon.

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