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Rumor: Nvidia Launching 700 Series in June

Fudzilla is pushing around a rumor that Nvidia might be launching the GeForce 700 series dedicated graphics cards starting Computex 2013, which will run from the 4th through 8th of June.

It also appears that the cards would still be based on the 28 nm Kepler architecture, although perhaps a slightly revised version of such.

Earlier we heard of both AMD and Nvidia delaying the release of any new graphics cards, and therefore we are doubtful of the accuracy of this report. The latest rumors before the current point towards a Q4 2013 / Q1 2014 release.

That said, this could also point to the release of a cut-down GK110 chip, perhaps the release of the rumored Titan LE. Regardless, Computex 2013 is going to be an interesting event.

The rumor report reads, "They do want to address AMD’s aggressive bundle push and try to offer a more competitive product. Bear in mind that desktop sales still play an important role in Nvidia's financial statement. We don’t know much about the performance expectation but we do know that it is faster than what is out today."

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