HP's "Wall of Touch" That You Don't Need to Touch

HP this week demonstrated a huge video wall that utilizes cameras and a magnetic strip to sense when you're approaching. The display senses what you're going to select before your finger hits the screen, thereby eliminating some of the sticky fingerprints so seem to go hand in hand with touchscreen technology.

Philip McKinney, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of HP’s Personal Systems Group spoke to the Wall Street Journal about the device and explained that it's actually comprised of nine 43-inch, 1.5-inch thick, zero-bezel displays, each with a resolution of 1080p. The whole thing is operated by a Z800 workstation.

Prototypes are already on show at the NBA headquarters and at the Continental Airlines counter in Houston Airport.

“We’re in the process of building out the next handful of walls as part of supporting our customer base, with the intent that, if there’s enough interest, HP will turn it into a mainstream product,” says. McKinney.

McKinney went on to say that the "Wall of Touch" will be "widely available" to consumers in 2011, but that it would likely come with a hefty price tag: anywhere up to $100,000 for more advanced systems with technologies like HD video conferencing.

Check out the demo video on the Wall Street Journal (no subscription necessary).

  • El_Capitan
    People will still feel the need to touch the screens.
  • moomooman
    The same effect is available on point of sale terminals at the moment, albeit on much smaller 17" screens!

    They use an IR field above the touchscreen glass to detect the positions of the users fingers to eliminate the sticky fingers problem.
  • icepick314
    still won't matter since most people will still will touch the screen in order to control it.....
  • Miharu
    People will still feel the need to touch the screens.

    Yeah, but I supose they can put glass or fiber glass to protect screen.
    Just to clean the glass everyday and change it when it's needed.
  • crazymech
    Personally, the interesting part here for me are the "0 bezel screens".. Cut off 13 inches and start selling them in 3's and 6's to the AMD eyefinity crowds!
  • zak_mckraken

    9x 43IN 1080p borderless displays : ~ $10,000
    1x HP Z800 Workstation (pimped out) : ~$5,000
    1x HD Video conferencing hardware and software (Tandberg) : ~$20,000
    HP Proprietary software : Overpriced.
  • LaughALot
    How about hurray, I don't have to touch it, reducing the chance I'll catch someones stupid bug :)
  • buckinbottoms
    Now that is an EYFINITY setup!
  • buckinbottoms
    43-inch, 1.5-inch thick, zero-bezel displays, each with a resolution of 1080p
    So, why the hell didn't any of you nukin futs ask who makes those?
  • back_by_demand
    zak_mckraken$100,000???9x 43IN 1080p borderless displays : ~ $10,0001x HP Z800 Workstation (pimped out) : ~$5,0001x HD Video conferencing hardware and software (Tandberg) : ~$20,000HP Proprietary software : Overpriced.So 9 displays are $10,000?
    Does that mean I can get 6 for $6667?
    Resolution combined 5760 x 2160?
    Eyefinity, AHOY THERE!!!!