HP, Lite-On, Blockbuster Join Forces for HTPC?

Unconfirmed reports are indicating that optical disk drive manufacturer Lite-On Technology Corp. has received a large order from HP for Blu-ray drives. These drives will supposedly be part of an affordable multimedia personal computer offered by HP at a later date. Lite-On said that the order was so big that it will secure a strong growth drive in sales for the second half of 2010.

Currently the type of affordable multimedia PC is unknown--desktop, laptop, or both. However reports also indicate that HP and Blockbuster have struck a deal so that the popular video rental chain's service will be included on the HP multimedia PCs. The announcement regarding this relationship is expected to be revealed soon, and would follow Verizon's recent announcement that the Blockbuster streaming service is headed to the V Cast video service for the Motorola Droid X in July.

There was also indication that HP will offer an economical Blu-ray player, however a quick visit to Lite-On's website showed that the ODD manufacturer has discontinued all stand-alone players... in North America and Europe at least. Perhaps Lite-On will be an HP-exclusive manufacturer for Blu-ray stand-alone devices?

If anything, the reports could mean that HP will offer consumers an affordable HTPC option that includes a built-in Blu-ray player and access to Blockbuster's online library. This may also indicate that HP is gearing up for a stand-alone Blu-ray player with built-in Blockbuster Video access. Nothing official has come out of all three as of this report, so stay tuned.

  • hellwig
    This may also indicate that HP is gearing up for a stand-alone Blu-ray player with built-in Blockbuster Video access.

    I find this most likely, yet it's only mentioned in one sentence in the closing paragraph. We have BluRay players and TVs that connect to Netflix. Why not players that connect to Blockbuster. HP does make more than just PCs and Printers you know. They also make calculators, and, um... yeah.
  • maydaynomore
    They make TVs too. Had a HP Plasma TV (LG parts inside)... didn't last long. bought a Pnasonic and never looked back.
  • kinggraves
    Blockbuster is a second banana to Netflix anyway, they've been playing catchup ever since their greedy business model was torn up by Netflix and Redbox's superior distribution.
    The main thing that has pulled people into retail HTPCs is the hardware they couldn't find anywhere else, like cableCARD and speaker outputs (REAL speaker outputs, not RCA "computer" hookups). Unless Blockbuster's going to be doing something that isn't already being done elsewhere, they're going to need a better hook.
  • razercultmember1
    www.tvshack.net thats free and better lol
  • ravewulf
    Well what do you know, Blockbuster's not quite dead yet!
  • Azriel4444
    Only thing in this article that actually interests me is the massive volume of Blu-ray drives ordered. Dvd needs to die and Blu-ray come down in price. Actually all Lo-def formats need to die.
  • Gin Fushicho
    This makes me extremely curious.
  • dEAne
    Seriously I don't like hp products I got lots hp products that fails and their support group were terrible. Well Lite-on products were good but blockbuster - I thought their gone!
  • lauxenburg
    HP: Stay to making shitty desktops and the worlds worst notebooks
    Lite-On: Don't spoil your reputation by being affiliated with HP
    Blockbuster: .....Just sell some fucking DVDs or something