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Zalman's CNPS11X Extreme Gets V-Shape Design

Thursday during CES 2011, Zalman introduced a new CPU cooler using a V-shaped dual heatsink design. Called the CNPS11X Extreme, the heatsink is made of pure copper and aluminum, weighs 600g and measures 135 (L) x 80(W) x 154(H)-mm.

According to the company, the V-shape design dramatically increases cooling performance by increasing the "Thermal Control Area" of the heatsink which in turn increases airflow and reduces noisy turbulence. The design also uses denser heatsink fins which prevent loss of surface area for maximum heat dissipation without sacrificing cooling efficiency.

The Zalman CNPS11X Extreme series CPU cooler also features the company's "Composite Heatpipe" design. This utilizes two combined components: a "Sintered Metal" type wick that generates outstanding capillary pumping performance, and the high thermal conductive design of the "Axial Grooves" which increases the heat transfer rate by 50-percent compared to ordinary heatpipes.

In addition to the design and custom heatpipe, Zalman's new V-shaped CPU heatsink also sports black-pearl nickel plating, an ultra-quiet 120-mm blue LED PWM fan, high-performance super thermal grease ZM-STG2M, and a heat dissipation area of 7,600-cm2.

Although Zalman did not provide pricing or availability, the heatsink joins other featured products at the show including the CNPS7X Performa/LED heatsink, the CNPS5X SZ, the Z9 and Z9 Plus chassis, the hefty-but-tasty GS1200 chassis and more.