Gigabyte Launches the IF 400 Mid Tower Chassis

Gigabyte has taken the wraps off the IF 400, a well-equipped and attractive mid-tower enclosure that is designed for gaming and enthusiast PC builds. The chassis is constructed of 0.6 mm SGCC steel and ABS and features support for a maximum of ATX-sized motherboards, two 5.25" tool-free drives and five 3.5" / 2.5" bays (two of which are tool-free). With regards to cooling, the IF 400 has provisions to mount five 120 mm cooling fans, two on the side panel and one on the front, rear and bottom.

Gigabyte has yet to provide any information on pricing or availability, but we think that it may be priced to compete with the similarly equipped Antec Three Hundred that currently retails for $60.

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  • bigshootr8
    I do like the interior look of the case my only gripe would be I prefer front face hard drive bays. Also the first picture is quite misleading it has fans on the side panel but in the second picture you don't have any fan mounts on the panel.
  • belardo
    Its ugly.
  • crysex
    Stop making all these cheap @ss sheetmetal frame with a plastic cover! Do they ever have a industrial designer?
  • bgunner
    The major draw back for me is the 120mm fan mounts and not 140mm fan mounts. 140mm fans are quieter while moving the same amount of air.
  • koga73
    I actually like the look of the front... and I like the fans on the side and toolless design but as bigshootr8 pointed out the second picture isn't consistant with the first in regards to the side fans.
  • raydog
    I'd like an external 3.5in drive bays for a media card reader.
  • someguynamedmatt
    I like the look of the front, but it's way too plasticky for my liking. I'm the kind of person who wishes he bought a Silverstone or Lian Li case instead of what was actually purchased... If that case was made with an aluminum front bezel, I'd probably buy it, since the general design looks pretty good and the interior looks really easy to work with. Plus, it's nice and wide, which is what I think a lot more people should be doing.
  • anxiousinfusion
    It would almost be perfect if there was a fan where the ODD bays are.