Intel Purchases for Atom-based Netbooks

Intel has bought and rumour has it the company plans on turning it into a portal for Atom-based netbooks. Currently, visiting redirects users to the Intel’s page about the company’s Atom processor.

The amount of netbooks on the market today is getting a little ridiculous. Given that the near ubiquitous Atom processor appears in pretty much all of their product specs, such a problem is confusing for the consumer.

Those who are not well versed in the trends of the consumer electronics industry likely wouldn’t know their arse from their elbow. So for someone who can’t tell the difference between an Eee PC and a Sylviana G (who seem to be moving away from the lucrative lightbulb business to make netbooks), the fact that they all have similar attributes is a nightmare.

While so many are criticizing “me too” products coming from every other company in the business, Intel is busy powering all of them. The customer’s nightmare of which netbook to buy is contrasted by the money it’s making for Intel. For the company dishing out processes, it’s a case of the more the merrier. The idea that Intel may be considering constructing a consumer-friendly website for Atom powered netbooks is not only useful for the consumer, but a good strategy for Intel. The more people who know what a netbooks is, the more people that will want to buy one. The more netbooks, the more processors.