Intel's USB Rock Star Was an Actor

The wild and wooly Conan O'Brien of the Tonight Show recently conducted an interview with Intel's Ajay Bhatt. Conan said the interview sparked after discovering that Bhatt doesn't portray himself in the Intel "rock star" ad: the one where he struts his stuff through the office, bathing in a wash of approbation from his fellow co-workers. He's the man, he's a walking legend, but that's not really Bhatt walking the catwalk.

After a brief introduction, Conan starts his interview with the USB co-inventor; Bhatt isn't wearing a toupee, nor is he sporting a hefty mustache. They go over a brief history roughly based on Bhatt's Wikipedia page: how Bhatt approached Intel with the idea, PCI Express, Platform Power Management architecture, and more. "It also says you play Woody on Cheers," Conan added matter of factly.

"That is not true," Bhatt said with a smirk.

Conan then breaks into the FireWire versus USB "cat fight," asking Bhatt if--walking down the street wearing his in solid gold shoes--he would be kind if the FireWire inventor was kneeling naked on the street, begging for bread. The interview moves into how USB was created, and then what was has changed society more: the invention of the USB, or Conan's interview with Rebecca Romijn in 1998.

All in all, Conan never did find out why Bhatt didn't play himself in the Intel commercial, but that's ok: Conan printed an "I co-invented the USB port," and created his own commercial starring the real Ajay Bhatt that definitely outdoes the original. Head to NBC and check out the full interview here.

  • mlopinto2k1
    Weird. Me not compute this information.
  • cadder
    Conan's bit is funny. It's not like the guy in the Intel ad has to do any serious acting. If Intel is sponsoring the ad why didn't they get the real guy?
  • The interview sucked, but the new version of the commercial was hilarious lol
  • apache_lives
    I like chicken
  • Blessedman
    omg apache_lives me too!!!!
  • Blessedman
    ok that was funnier then I expected, loved the new version of the commercial as well.
  • Kelavarus
    That's kind of sad.

    I mean, the point of the Intel commercial: "Our heroes aren't like yours."

    Soo... The point of using an actor was? You probably had to pay the actor more than you would have had to pay the real guy!

    Kinda lame, that. :/ -1 for you, Intel, -1 indeed.
  • doomtomb
    Why have an actor play the guy and not the real deal? So stupid, Intel.
  • amabhy
    "Conan O'Brein"

    Gotta love those Tom's editors...
  • liquidsnake718
    doomtombWhy have an actor play the guy and not the real deal? So stupid, Intel.

    The real guy didnt need to be paid, he could probably Conan just to be on the show. He probably is even wealthier than Conan. THe point was, this guy changed history by creating something millions of ppl and businesses use in order to make money, create jobs, and thus stability and overall utility in the economy. Tell me how the USB doesnt change things?

    He sure is more of a hero than the guy who saved grandmas cat or even back from an accident. He touched and changed more lives than a regular hero.