Logic Supply Offering Enclosure for BeagleBone Black Board

This week Logic Supply launched the BeagleBone Black Case, aka the LGX BB100, which houses the company's previously launched BeagleBone Black, an ultra-compact, low-power, ARM-based prototyping board for developers. This new enclosure costs a mere $14.95, and joins a family of BeagleBone Black accessories like a power adapter, microSD card, USB-based Wi-Fi adapter and more.

Undoubtedly competing with the Raspberry Pi, the BeagleBone Black board sports a Sitara AM3359 SoC from Texas Instruments featuring a Cortex-A8 core clocked at 1 GHz and a POWERVR SGX Graphics Accelerator subsystem for 3D graphics acceleration. Backing up this chip is 512 MB of DDR3L RAM, 2 GB of eMMC flash storage, and a microSD card slot for additional storage. It comes preloaded with the Angstrom Linux and can run Ubuntu and Android.

The card also has a 10/100 Ethernet port and a microHDMI port for video and audio. It even has two 46 pin Expansion Connectors providing GPIO, SPI, I2C, Analog In, Serial ports, CAN, PWM, and can be used with Capes to add functionality. The card can be powered with the included USB cable or a 5V power supply, and because it runs on less than two watts, no fan is required.

"We're looking for people who will take this board and prototype/develop on it, then possibly turn that into a larger project. For that reason, we're also offering custom circuit-board development now," the company said.

The new $14.95 BeagleBone Black Case, AKA the LGX BB100, houses the board in a plated, scratch-resistant steel enclosure. It's fanless, and comes equipped with rubber feet, four enclosure screws, and four wall-mounting screws. It supports three mounting positions for the lid to make room for compatible cape expansion cards.

"We developed the BB100 case with engineers in mind," says Logic Supply CEO, Roland Groeneveld. "This enclosure houses the BeagleBone Black in a rugged, professional-grade case. It can go into the field without modification, but our ideal customer will customize the case for a volume project."

The case measures 2.4 x 0.82 x 3.54 inches, and provides access to the board's USB, microSD card slot and microHDMI port on the front as well as provide a punch-out option for a DB9/15 connector. The back panel provides access to the card's LAN port, 5v DC power connector, the microUSB port (for power) as well as a punch-out option for a switch or antenna (7 mm diameter).

Logic Supply is offering a 30 percent discount code for the case if people follow the company on Google+. It's also offering the engineering drawings for free on GitHub. Both the BeagleBone Black and the BB100 case is available now. Additional information regarding the entire lineup can be found here.