Tom's Guide: 15 MMOs for Multiplayer Mayhem

You don't need to tell us how easy it is to get stuck in an MMO rut. You start playing one, and all of a sudden, any other title in the genre doesn't seem to do it for you. Well, we're here to tell you that a variety is the spice of life. The Tom's Guide team has rounded up 15 of the best MMOs. Check out "15 MMOs for Multiplayer Mayhem" for the full list!

Many of the good things in life are made better when you have your friends along for the ride, and gaming is no exception. Whether you're exploring a dank dungeon, participating in a massive combined arms battle, or carving out an interstellar empire, massively multiplayer games allow you to make gaming a cooperative and social experience, as well as a competitive one. Read on for a list of some of our favorites!15 MMOs for Multiplayer Mayhem

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  • crazybernie
    Really? Is that the new thing on Tom's now - recycling your own news posts? I guess posting old news just wasn't annoying enough.
  • nhat11
    Where's Vindictus and Aion? They're really good MMOs. This list definitely overlook on a lot of other good MMOs and focus on the popular brandname of the game like Star Trek.
  • Pherule
    The ratings suck. Tera 3/5 where worse mmo's score 4/5 or even 5/5? Please. Guild Wars 2 has a great art direction? No mention of Tera's art? Tera's art is waaay better than Guild Wars 2. Just look at the flora and landscapes. Must say though, Planetside 2 does look interesting.
  • kingnoobe
    Wither you love or hate it. How are you gonna give the most popular a 4/5. WoW is still the king wither you want to admit it or not. Thus deserves the highest rating.
    And then you go on and give lotr/swtor (which I did like) a 4/5. They really should have at most 3/5. That's being generous to lotr.
    Planetside is really one of the few that I can agree on. As for what it is I think it hit the nail right on the head.
  • natoco
    Do some of those games really earn he title MMO without having millions of players online? Star wars for one I dead and empty, millions? where lol
  • NeeKo
    i saw this last week, and it linked AGAIN to a old post. Sad.
  • ubercake
    I always find myself growing bored of the monotany of this type of game. At first I love it, then a month or two later I find I don't even play it.
  • computertech82
    And some of these are way over priced. $15+ a month, for a game that should be one time $50. Sad so many are falling for the "multiple pay the rest of your life" and "pay to win" games.