MSI Debuts Its First Two Mechanical Keyboards

MSI has joined the mechanical keyboard market; it introduced not one, but two of them. At first sight, the keyboards look fairly straightforward, but they have some intriguing features hidden beyond view.

First of all, both of the keyboards are virtually identical. The only difference between the two GK-601 keyboards are the color patterns on the keyboard and the packaging.

The GK-601 keyboards feature Cherry MX Red switches. These switches are linear, offer little resistance and have their actuation point, like most Cherry MX switches, roughly halfway down the keystroke. The switches offer no form of feedback. The keyboards feature an N-key rollover. This means that all the keys can be pressed at once, and all key-presses will be registered. The switches are also built using an 18K gold plating.

The back-lighting on the keyboard is quite rare. Most keyboards feature colors like red, green, blue, white, or no back-lighting at all, but the GK-601 from MSI features yellow back-lighting. This back-lighting is said to keep working even after 50 million keystrokes per key.

The back of the keyboards features USB ports and headphone and microphone jacks. The keyboard sports 128 KB of onboard memory for storing up to 50 different macros that can be enabled with the FN key. The windows button can also be disabled during gameplay to ensure that even if it is accidentally pressed, you don't become AFK in the middle of your multi-player match and get killed, twice.

So far, there has been no word on pricing or availability.

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  • prince_david
    MSI does a terrible job with keyboards on their laptops, but these mechanical keyboards might be good. Nice that they have headphone jacks.
  • JohnMD1022
    Too bad Unicomp has not seen fit to agressively enter enter the market with IBM Model M technology.
  • AzureFlash
    N-Key rollover is kinda cool theoretically, but really anything beyond 6KRO (not counting dead keys) is useless. Gold plating is complete FUD. Yellow backlight sounds fucking annoying and ugly. Why would the backlight be affected by keystrokes??
    This release reeks of marketing FUD and those keyboards look like absolutely nothing new. I'll stick with my original raven black IBM Model M13, thank you very much.