Is This Microsoft's Version of Apple's Magic Mouse?

istartedsomething points to growing evidence that suggests Microsoft could take on Apple's Magic Mouse with a touch sensitive version of its stylish Arc mouse. The site reports that several European etailers boast listings for a product called the "Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse," with a $70 price tag that's in line with what the Magic Mouse costs.

Also lending weight to the theory of a multitouch Arc is the domain, which Microsoft registered in late March.

In 2009, Microsoft Research published a paper presenting the possibilities of "novel input devices that combine the standard capabilities of a computer mouse with multi-touch sensing." Of the five devices detailed in the paper, the one that looks most like Microsoft's Arc mouse is the FTIR mouse (pictured above), which involves IR lights and an IR camera.

(istartedsomething via Slash Gear)

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  • dolce_ardore
    I used Apple's Magic Mouse for a while and there's a certain one-fingered gesture I'd like to give to its designers.
  • r_pad
    Gestures should be kept on laptops and mice on desktops.
  • Anonymous
    From the pictures..,the hand looks stressed - carpel tunnel syndrome, heard of it??
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  • jhansonxi
    Definitely different. I wonder if it is responsive enough (and resistant to false clicks) for gaming.
  • r_pad
    Gestures should be kept on laptops and mice on desktops.
  • nforce4max
    Let me think, doesn't look COD4 or WoW friendly, and questionable performance for office work. If it is not good for gaming its not good for the office.