Lian Li Launches Slick Gaming Mid-Towers

Although Lian Li has released a few PC cases over the last few weeks, its new PC-8FI mid tower series is certainly one of the more interesting designs since the release of its crazy spider-shaped case last month. Designed for gamers, the hair-line brushed all-aluminum chassis comes in three flavors: the pricier red Spider edition, and the less expensive black and silver models. However all three sport tool-less installation and customization capabilities.

With the PC-8FI, Lian Li is making sure gamers are staying cool. All three models feature two 120-mm @1200 rpm intake fans on the front panel, and one 120-mm @ 1200 rpm exhaust fan mounted on the back panel. If that's not enough air flow, Lian Li has incorporated an additional 140-mm fan hole into the top panel. To spruce things up a little, the intake fans on the black case are lit up with blue LEDs--the red Spider edition sports a side panel featuring a large, spider-shaped, transparent window that not only exposes the PC's innards, but the red LEDs lighting up the rear panel's exhaust fan.

"The PC-8FI series is designed to give gamers lots of hardware options," the company said. "The tool-less, anti-vibration rubber ring suspension hard disk drive rack can hold six 3.5-inch HDDs. Externally, the chassis' 5.25-inch x3 Optical Device Drive (ODD) bays, with the capability of a 3.5-inch x1 bay (use a 5.25-inch converter), mount without the use of tools and are held in place by a rubber-padded arm to prevent vibration. The eight PCI mounting brackets enable CrossFireX and three-way SLI graphics card setups, and are equipped with a rubber pad to reduce noise and vibrations."

These three new PC cans are slated to go retail by the end of the month. Expect to pay a meaty $299+VAT for the uber-cool Spider edition (PC-8FIR), and a less hefty $189+VAT pricetag for the black and silver versions (PC-8FIB/A).

  • schwiing
    Make it a full tower and id buy it. Props to Lian-Li..
  • People actually like that design. The side panel looks silly, and the front looks cheap.
  • TunaSoda
    Lian Li cases are waaaaaaaaaay overpriced
  • cknobman
    stm1185People actually like that design. The side panel looks silly, and the front looks cheap.
    Despite what you may think the front looks like if youve ever owned a Lian Li you would know every last facet of their cases are anything but cheap.

    I own one and while I wont ever spend that much on a case again I will say its quality and design is leagues above any other case I have ever owned.
  • soo-nah-mee
    ...and why would I buy one of these over an Antec Nine-Hundred? I'd save enough money to cover the cost of a good CPU cooler, plus have enough left over to replace all of those out of style LED fans with good Noctua/Scythe/Delta ones.
  • tommysch
    Mid tower and gaming PC, is that a bad joke or something?
  • JohnnyLucky
    Sometimes case selection is a matter of personal preference.

    What did surprise me was the space available for a video card. Over at the Lian Li web site they are showing 285mm of available space for a video card. The extra long video cards obviously will not fit. The space is a little less than the Lian Li/Lancool Dragon Lord cases introduced last year. They had 290mm of space available. Wondering why Lian Li shortened the space.
  • vartok
    Still happy with my HAF 932.... it bigger and had better airflow. While ive always been a fan for the Lian very sleek design, Ill always take the cheaper, better performer.
  • sliem
    WHAAAAAAWW, $299 for a case. Let's see, $80 antec 900 will do fine and I'll use $220 for uhm... black wii. Yea I'll choose that instead.
  • wolfram23
    eh not bad but also not my taste