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Lian Li's Looks-Like-a-Spider Case Goes on Sale

Lian Li’s T1 mini-ITX Spider Test Bench supports mini-ITX motherboards, one 5.25-inch slim CD-ROM, one bog standard 3.5-inch HDD or SSD using an adapter and a standard ATX PS/2 PSU.

The gaudy red you see isn't your only option, also available are silver or – if you're really going for the whole spider theme – black versions. The angles of the four legs are adjustable and it stands at 272mm tall.

Hitting stores at the end of May, the case in black or silver will set you back $108 plus taxes. If you're going for racy red be prepared to pay $123 plus tax.

Extremely cheesy and slightly annoying ad for the case is embedded below:

  • shin0bi272
    looks like someone got bored with their erector set...
  • ktasley
    benching platform? Anyone doing serious benching isn't going to use a mini-itx board...
  • outacontrolpimp
    Those zip ties must be deadly! Oh and did anyone see any fishing string making it move? Because I didn't see any at all!!!
  • godnodog
    mmmmmmmmmm Replicators!!!
  • matt314
  • matt314
    Why is it mini-atx??
  • Ragnar-Kon
    The add is enough to make me NOT want to buy it.

    And who does series benching on a mini-itx board?
  • ta152h
    This thing is too ugly. Lian Li makes some weird stuff. I remember getting the fish tank panel from them years back. This is taking it too far. It looks cheap and almost agricultural. Antec did a better job with their Skeleton. This thing is too ugly.
  • Kelavarus
    matt314Why is it mini-itx??
    I imagine to keep you from possibly putting anything 'in' the case that could need real cooling.
  • victomofreality
    I could have sworn this was already on the market and it was just that no one cared.