Corsair Nova 32GB SSD On Sale for $69.99

Corsair said Friday that--for a limited time only--its 32GB Nova Series SSD will cost $69.99 after a mail-in rebate. As the Newegg listing shows, the drive originally had a MSRP pricetag of $99.99, but received a ten dollar discount through the online retailer. With an additional $20 mail-in rebate thrown into the mix, consumers ultimately save thirty bucks on this high-performance SSD. Not too shabby.

"The 32GB Nova Series SSD is great for streamlined boot drives, netbook upgrades, and even RAID configurations," stated Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing at Corsair. "The aggressive pricing of these drives makes the benefits of SSDs accessible to everyone."

On the hardware side, the drive offers sequential access read speeds of up to 195 MB/s and sequential access write speeds of up to 70 MB/s. Other highlights include a 2.5-inch form factor (although an included bracket will snap it into a 3.5-inch desktop bay), TRIM support, built-in 64 MB of SDRAM cache, background garbage collection, and an SATA II interface.

The 32GB SSD comes with a three year warranty that's backed by Corsair's customer service and technical support.

  • sliem
    Nggg... I'll wait a few more months where 60+GB is priced at under $80.
  • razercultmember1
    or wait till next year when 160 gb will be 100 dolars
  • builderbobftw
    This in Raid 0 could be very nice.

    EDIT: Nice not bice oops.
  • cekasone
    mail in rebates annoy me.
  • halls
    Alllllllmost. Getting closer.
  • misry
    Arrgh. Doooooe-nuuuuts!
  • clivene09
    those read/writes are way subpar compared to other SSDs. Hardly seems worth even $60 to me.
  • tacoslave
    clivene09those read/writes are way subpar compared to other SSDs. Hardly seems worth even $60 to me.but better than most if not all hardrives.
  • applegetsmelaid
    I'll wait til 2015 when a TB is $100.
  • censoredsoft
    applegetsmelaid... Look, I just invented time travel.

    Its 2010 and pretty much every 1TB hard drive is $100