Behold the five radiators, six graphics cards and 50+ fans “DayWalker” system

San Jose (CA) – While many of the case mods we saw at the NVISION conference and LAN party were extraordinary, the “DayWalker” Blade-themed case - or more accurately towering, human-sized, case – impressed us the most. Created by Richard “DarthBeavis” Surroz, a computer maniac and noted case modder, the DayWalker contains several radiators, dozens of fans and six graphics cards.

The Day Walker has so many fans that even the creator doesn’t know the exact number. “It has 50+ fans … I’m not really sure how many,” Surroz told us. Standing taller than most humans, the case is actually a collection of systems. Two computers for game playing and one server running in the “head” of the cross-shaped rig. The idea here is for two people to play against each other by watching the monitors on the right and left hands of the cross, while monitors in the back let spectators watch the battle.

The two gaming computers are each powered by a triple SLI NVIDIA GTX 280 system. Throughout the rig are glowing red skulls, a big jar of simulated blood and of course a sword (can’t be Blade-themed without a sword can we?) To cool all this stuff down, five radiators dissipating 1500 watts each have been placed throughout the system.

Surroz estimated that everything would cost approximately $18,000 to $20,000, but thankfully almost everything has been provided by sponsors.

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