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SALE! Weekend Offer: The Orange Box for $9.99

Times like these call for deals and big savings. This weekend, Valve is giving you the chance to purchase The Orange Box (usually $50*) for just ten bucks. As a refresher, that’s Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode 1, Half-Life 2 Episode 2, Half-Life 2: Lost Coast, Team Fortress 2 and Portal.

If you don’t have a tenner to spare, we’ll spot you the money. Okay, so that’s a blatant fabrication on my part but seriously, do not miss out on this deal. The Orange Box is a pretty sweet purchase at $50, so bagging it for $10 is an insanely good deal.

Click here to buy.

*Edit: Just to clarify, that's $50 at retail. The Orange Box is usually $29.99 on Steam (thanks, misnand).

  • JMcEntegart
    Maybe it’s just my gender talking, but I’m tempted to buy this despite not needing most of the games. Time to have my boyfriend hide my credit card! Sniff.
  • Marcus Yam
    BARGAINS, JANE, BARGAINS! Seriously, you need to get this. And get me one too. Even though I already have it.

    Everyone needs to buy this. Portal alone is worth the $10 easily, as is TF2.
  • Dekasav
    I'm so glad this made it onto this page, I might not have seen it, otherwise.

    Everyone must buy the Orange Box. NOW!!!
  • NuclearShadow
    Now that is a great deal! Its a shame I can't take advantage of it as I own it and all my friends that play PC games do too.
  • kyeana
    I must admit, i already own the orange box, and yet my first thought when i saw this is "I must buy this!"

    I'm such a valve fanboy! :P
  • touchdowntexas13
    kyeanaI must admit, i already own the orange box, and yet my first thought when i saw this is "I must buy this!"I'm such a valve fanboy!
    haha same thought ran through my mind. I'm not particularly a fan boy, but the orange box is awesome!
  • nonstoprobot
    This is the BEST GAME EVER!! I built a high end rig with CoD: WaW but I hardly ever play CoD...Most of my time is spent playing Team Fortress 2! Nevermind the fact that it has the best (albeit short) puzzle game ever, Portal.
  • rooket
    This deal ROCKS! I jumped on it IMMEDIATELY yesterday. TF2 is so cool. I didn't even install any other game this package came with because all I bought it for is TF2 LMAO! I win.
  • kyeana
    lol yea i have over 200 hours invested in TF2 atm :D Its a great game
  • thundercleese
    Best game ever.