Intel P67 Express Chipset Begins Product Discontinuance Cycle

With the market demand going more towards Z68 motherboards and now with the release of the new Intel 7 Series Z77 (coming soon: Z75, H77 and B75) chipsets, Intel has announced the product discontinuance of the P67 chipset. The P67 will not necessarily go quietly into the night, though. The chipset that has powered the current generation Sandy Bridge processors since the start, will be compatible with Intel's new Ivy Bridge processors through an appropriate UEFI update. The chipset will be available through April 5, 2013.

Forecasted Key Milestones:

  • Product Discontinuance Program Support Began: Apr 02, 2012
  • Product Discontinuance Demand to Local Intel Representative: Jul 06, 2012
  • Finalize Discontinuance Assurance: Aug 10, 2012
  • Last Corporate Assurance Product Critical Date: Oct 18, 2012
  • Last Product Order Date: Oct 26, 2012
  • Orders are Non-Cancelable and Non-Returnable After: Oct 26, 2012
  • Last Shipment Date: Apr 05, 2013
  • Murissokah
    Thanks god we still have Intel's backward compatibility. Wait...
  • alvine
    ^ I see what you did there har har
  • amk-aka-Phantom
    No probs! P67 kicked some ass and that means that if my board will ever die on me, I'll get a shiny new Z68/Z77 on warranty claim because P67 is "no stock" like they say in the local store :P
  • SuperVeloce
    MurissokahThanks god we still have Intel's backward compatibility. Wait...Tell me... how do you expect to drive a processor with memory controler, pci-e, voltage regulators and all that stuff integrated on chip with an old P45 motherboard? Do you want FSB back? DO YOU?
    Ivy will be backward compatible with Sandy motherboards with a simple BIOS update, if your motherboard maker is kind enough to support it.

    It's nothing unusual, if you need to upgrade your bios on older motherboards with pci-e 1.1 or 2.0 to support 2.1 graphics cards... so why is making an update on arhitecture any worse?
  • rubix_1011
    I think people need to understand that by moving forward to bigger and better things, you must leave the older, unused feature sets behind. There is a reason that NEW features and functionality are developed and that old ones disappear. We are just now seeing floppy disks disappear after how long? I don't understand this desire to hang on to outdated hardware and the specs that powered them.
  • officeguy
    What is a floppy disk?
  • eddieroolz
    A shaky start but it ended its life rather solidly, I must say.
  • ctbaars
    ^All that said. I still need a fully functional Parallel port, two serial ports and a Floopy, I mean Floppy for work.
  • SuperVeloce
    You can get parallel, serial and IDE connectors on pci-e boards. one example
  • jurassic512
    MurissokahThanks god we still have Intel's backward compatibility. Wait...
    Unlike AMD, Intel makes drastic changes to their CPU's every year to warrant a new socket and chipset.