UK Supermarket Asda Now Taking Pre-orders for PS4

If you're dying to get your hands on the PS4 and haven't yet secured a pre-order, you'll be pleased to know that UK supermarket Asda is now also taking pre-orders from customers eager to be among the first to get the PS4.

Asda's pre-order page contains some information about the new PS4 along with a release date of Christmas 2013. Speaking to VG24/7, the company clarified that it had received no confirmation from Sony on the release date for the PS4 and the date was 'merely an estimation.' Indeed, Sony has not yet confirmed any release date for its next generation of PlayStation, though it is widely believed that both Microsoft and Sony will have their new consoles ready in time for the all important holiday shopping season.

While it might seem a little premature to pre-order the PS4 (afterall, we have yet to actually see the console itself), GameStop in the United States reckons that there won't be enough supply at launch to meet demand. Speaking during an earnings call, the retailer said 900,000 people have signed up for its 'First to Know' PS4 list. GameStop says that this is usually a pretty good indicator of preorders. The company said that while it had no word from Sony on the matter, it believes 'demand will far outpace the supply of this product during the launch window.'

Asda is selling pre-orders for £20-a-piece. Head here to secure yours.

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  • belardo
    If this posts actually works... for the love of GOD... remove this new blog-text entry software. Its like comparing Win8 to WinXP. The OLD one was far more functional and easier to use and COMPATIBLE with browsers. YOu know, things like quoting, pages, etc.
  • drwho1
  • mobrocket
    will that be paper or plastic with your preorder
  • robochump
    Wow, what an awful PS4 icon. I def know thats not official...heh. Then the pre-orders, item no longer exists!!! lol
  • MariaP1981
    I've almost preordered PS4 from for bloody £599.99, but luckily found it with discount at for only £379.99. Savings of £220!!! I've used the code ZV16127166 when opening a new account and that's it!
  • Alan P
    Wow MariaP1981, thanks! I was just about to order PS4 from amazon, but decided to price check first. Zavvi, here I come... Savings of £220 will be sweet :)