Fill Obama's Shoes in Commander in Chief

Think you can do better than Obama come January? See if you have what it takes in the upcoming PC game, Commander in Chief.

Developed by Eversim, Commander in Chief will offer PC gamers the chance to perform the heavy duties taken on by the President, from dealing with unemployment and inflation to terrorism and foreign negotiations. Maryland-based publisher Interactive Gaming Software (IGS) reports that the geo-political simulation game is scheduled to hit retail shelves on Inauguration Day (January 20, 2009), and will also be available for purchase on at the same time.

"Players face the same complex issues as President Obama – economics, energy, national security, terrorism, and all things politic – and can test their ability in five levels of difficulty to govern the U.S. on a world stage, responding to actions taken by fellow global leaders, just as in real life," says IGS. "Commander in Chief is played on a detailed 3D world map showing 192 countries and 8,000 cities in a visually stimulating user interface with multiple windows, on-screen video inserts, and scrolling ticker tapes."

Commander in Chief will utilize tons of data provided from each country covering economics, energy, monetary, social, military, environment, and cultural conditions. Fifty international organizations have also injected data into the game as well such as the United Nations, G7, NATO, NAFTA, and OPEC; the intent is to provide the player with a genuine feel of real world relationships. Players determine the course of world events by performing the typical Presidential duties: ordering assassinations, toppling an unfriendly regime, speaking poor English and even invading neutral countries. Of course, these actions will have consequences, whether it’s a military retaliation, political upheaval, economic situations or a combination of all three.

According to the company, players are required to select members of the Cabinet and heads of state in the very beginning, and then are thrust into internal and external situations where the final decision has an in-game consequence. At the same time, decisions made by the player must be carried out while terrorists threaten to strike another U.S. city or a possible invasion by foreign forces. Players can utilize external influences such as daily newspapers, or jump on the virtual Presidential laptop (or phone for that matter) to "communicate with other government officials or leaders of other countries."

Commander in Chief will also feature two gameplay modes: Open Mode and Mission Mode. The object of the former is to remain in power for as long as possible, whereas the mission mode challenges the President Player with reaching specific goals. But not only does the game offer the single-player experience, up to sixteen gamers can play against each other in the Multiplayer War Game mode. Additionally, players aren’t locked into taking on just the role of the American President either: the positions of every major worldwide leader is also open to play.

With that said, developer Eversim is releasing the game in other countries as well, marketed as Politik Simulator in Germany, World Leader in Australia, Mission President in France, Yo Presidente in Spain and more. Here in the States, Commander in Chief will retail for $39.95 when released on January 20. The game will be co-distributed in North America by Atari.

  • sgtbaker420

    I guess my only question is can you push "the button"?
  • smalltime0
    Every simulation game needs MAD
    ... the one thing missing in Sims 2
  • frozenlead
    "If you kill us all, our computers burrowed 9 miles underground will kill you back.."

    Now where's the honor in that?
  • thomasxstewart
    Does it have Monica Lewinski Telephone number? Also, Ultee' as citizen of Universe, thusly, Hon President:Republic United States of America....

  • NuclearShadow
    Am I the only one confused why this is listed in the news? I could see a preview of the game in the stories on Tom's games section but this is more like a advertisement than news.
  • bin1127
    Do they really have to tie in obama with this article? give the guy a break. This seems a bit like civilizations advanced.
  • chaohsiangchen
    I guess the game doesn't include the scenario which the governor of your base state gets arrested for trying to sell your former seat in the Senate to highest bidder.
  • Tindytim
    This seems rather silly to me. It's not going to be perfect, and at some point we'll find that there is a specific system that works best in the game, which may not be true in the life.
  • Hellbound
    Well, sense Obama has done nothing, I'm pretty sure those are easy shoes to fill................
  • Hellbound
    hellboundWell, sense Obama has done nothing, I'm pretty sure those are easy shoes to fill................haha, I meant "since", not "sense.. I need sleep.