QOTD: How Should We Test Rugged Laptops?

We're going to be testing rugged notebooks, but with half of us working in an office and the other half working from home in our sweats, we don't exactly work in an environment that calls for rugged notebooks. That's where you guys come in. We know all kinds of people read Tom's Hardware, so there's got to be some people out there who use their laptop in a way that necessitates a rugged notebook or actually require a rugged notebook for work.

We want creative but realistic ideas. We're going to use and abuse these machines but we're not interested in the over-the-top "Where can we get a grenade?" ideas. Your typical rugged notebook doesn't need to be able to withstand bullets and or blenders but we want to put them through their paces by subjecting them to the kind of situations you find yourself in every day.

Today's question of the day is: What can we do to test the durability of a rugged notebook?

  • the last resort
    give it to a college kid. im going to college this fall, from what ive heard they take a pretty good beating.
  • dameon51
    install os x on it
  • the_krasno
    In a dusty or sandy enviroment, in a very dry and a very humid environment, under direct sunlight, in cold and hot temperatures, drop them from table-height, bang them inside a carry case, smash the buttons with your fingers...
  • japnoise99
    Hot and sandy conditions. Many military in the middle east use tough books and such for their computing needs and it would be of great help to see which laptops would hold up the best before making an investment your stuck with for a year.
  • gilbertfh
    Well my son tested my laptop with hot chocolate... I think it would be a good start.
  • tanuki505
    Do you remember the Samsonite commercials with the gorilla and the suitcase?
  • MCMunroe
    Leave it in the bed of a construction work truck all day.
  • dj1001
    paintball guns

  • sliem
    1) put in backpack naked (no books as book is padding). drop it from shoulder height
    2) same as #1 but drop it around 10-12 ft high
    3) put in backpack naked, bang it against a metal pole like flag pole
    4) put in backpack naked, pour small amount of soda on the backpack
    5) same as #1 but pour a whole can of soda on the backpack
    6) put laptop on stable table, drop a commercial-grade screwdriver directly on top (don't throw, just drop)
    7) same as 6) but use commercial-grade hammer
    8) do 6 and 7) with laptop open
    9) attach the power cord, tie the cord to a truck and drive the truck 10-20 mph for 10 seconds
    10) repeat 9) but continue at 25-35mph for another 10 seconds

    ultimate test:
    11) summon God and have Him break it
  • gotta have drop testing, and it has to be repeatable. One drop on each side, notation of visual damage. This should be done while the laptop is on. I think a good torture test would be to drop a laptop down the stairs and should ensure that it gets beat from about every angle, though its not entirely repeatable.