Robovie-PC Packs Intel's Atom Processor

Forget netbooks or nettops based on Intel's Atom CPU. Why not use the chip to power something way cooler than an mini-notebook? Plastic Pals today reports (via Engadget) that Vstone and ATR have unveiled the Robovie-PC, a 39cm (15-inch) tall, 2.2kg (4.8 lbs) robot packing a 1.6 GHz Atom Z530.

Given that the Robovie-PC is actually a computer – complete with VGA, WiFi, 2 x USB and a 1.3mp webcam  – custom programming of the cute little creature is made a helluva lot easier. Unfortunately, this is the perfect example of "convenience is never cheap." He might only be harnessing the power of your average, run of the mill netbook, but it's 399,000 JPY, which amounts to roughly $4,500.

Check out the video of Robovie in action.

Robovie-PC Demo

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  • mapesdhs
    Plastic Pals? :D Sounds like something from Hitch Hikers...

    Can it get depressed? Hehe.

  • Anonymous
    Lets face it, this will technology will be used mainly for voyeurism. It's mostly clunky and large now, but when the tech evolves and you can have something the size of a rat or roach then all our privacy will be gone.
  • mapesdhs
    Miniature UAVs already exist, and DARPA is working hard to make
    them the size of flies. Autonomy is a different ball game though.

    When it comes to general monitoring devices, privacy is long gone.
    Then again, what is privacy? Do we have any when half the population
    are constantly snapping pics every which way, and Google is trying
    to scan in the whole planet?...

    The Robivie-PC is just a toy, for the moment, albeit an expensive one.