Micron Introduces SAS Solid-State Drive

The P140m is a 2.5" Solid State Drive that has a thickness of just 7 mm and is based on Micron's 25 nm MLC NAND technology. The drive features a Serial Attached SCSI (SAS), PCIe and SATA connectors and is able to deliver Read and Write Speeds of 410 MB/s and 235 MB/s respectively. Micron's target market is clearly the enterprise sector and the P140 has a number of features that the company hopes will convince businesses to make the transition from HDDs to SSDs.

One such feature is Micron's Extended Performance and Enhanced Reliability Technology (XPERT) that "closely integrates the storage media and controller through highly-optimized firmware algorithms and hardware enhancements". This integration should provide protection against data corruption, low latency and on board power loss protection. The P140m is also rated as a "high endurance SSD" and is designed to achieve 10 drive fills per day for at least 5 years.

"With this introduction, Micron has one of the most comprehensive lines of enterprise-focused SSDs—we have solutions for every interface and usage model," said Ed Doller, VP and general manager of Micron's Enterprise SSD division. "The P410m gives our customers a reliable SAS SSD that delivers high performance and data assurance at a competitive price point."

The P140m SAS SSD is available in 100, 200 and 400 GB variants and will be sold directly to OEMs and through Micron's "extensive sales and distribution channels".

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  • pkadair
    Worked for the Government for 8 yrs. We got a government contracted buy of a ton of MPC (MicronPC, now Micron) T3200 laptops. Issued them out and literally within a day they started coming back from our detachments, literally smoking, hot as heck. No support whatsoever, and then the company went bankrupt and voided their warranties. We got stuck with piles of Micron Junk. I WILL NEVER buy anything from them again, PERIOD. (Especially, and SSD) Yeah right, go get some other sucker to trust their data to your extremely sub-par company. NOT I.

    Respectfully Former EOD,
  • A Bad Day
    MPC is a subsidiary of Micron, though I'm unsure of why Micron had no plans on maintaining MPC's warranties.
  • cTs Corvette
    140 =/= 410