OCZ Launches 4th Generation PCIe SSDs

OCZ Technology Group announced today its move into mass production with the fourth generation of PCIe-based solid state drives, the new Z-Drive R2 SSD series. This will actually be the second rendition of the original Z-Drive drives, adding "greater performance and design flexibility" thanks to optimized, interchangeable NAND modules--this will allow for in-field service and upgrades without the need to rip out the existing drive.

“The Z-Drive R2 is a total solution that delivers exceptional performance over a wide of range of applications due to its superior sequential performance, making it a winner in both high IOP and high-throughput environments," said Ryan Petersen, CEO of the OCZ Technology Group.

As with the previous Z-Drive, the R2 version is bootable, and offers a huge performance value with teamed up with other Z-Drive R2 drives in a RAID 0 configuration. Storage capacities range from 256GB to 2TB, however the company said that--despite price--the PCIe-based SSDs provide an actual cost savings when compared to the expense of maintaining complex HDD infrastructures.

Currently OCZ is offering three models: the Z-Drive R2 p88, the Z-Drive R2 p84, and the Z-Drive R2 m84. The R2 p88 version is the fastest drive of the bunch, offering read speeds of up to 1.3GB/s, write speeds of up to 1GB/s, and a sustained write speed of up to 550MB/s. For more information on all three models, head here.

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    i want.
  • Shadow703793
    This is going to cost an arm or a leg....or a kidney.

    Anyways, for those that only want a small disk (~3-4GB) with these speeds for use as a scratch disk should take a look at a RAM drive.
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    The OCZ site doesn't even have prices....
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    grieveThe OCZ site doesn't even have prices....
    If you have to ask... :P
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    grieveThe OCZ site doesn't even have prices.... I already know I can't afford it :P
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    holy FAST. Wish I had unlimited resources to get one:-)
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    Imagine what you could do with this coupled with Google's 1gigabit internet?
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    the_krasnoImagine what you could do with this coupled with Google's 1gigabit internet?Download all the internet porn in one hour.
    Hmmmm, I'm thinking THG should do a system build with one of these, then give it away.
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    I hope Santa's elves can produce one of these this chrismahanukwanzakah.
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