OCZ Vertex 5 SSDs Won't Launch Q2 2013 After All

Contrary to what we heard last week, sources indicate that OCZ's Vertex 5 SSD is not scheduled for a release this quarter. That said, OCZ is still working on the Vertex 5 SSD, but we shouldn't expect it to hit shelves anytime soon.

Moreover, it appears that OCZ won't be showcasing the Vertex 5 SSD at Computex either, contrary to what rumors had indicated.

What has been verified by OCZ is that it is working on an SSD with a Barefoot 3 controller and 20 nm MLC flash memory. This SSD will likely not become the new Vertex 5, but make part of the Vector series SSDs. In fact, the image that we saw last week was actually that of a Vector SSD with the branding removed, rather than a Vertex 5 model.

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Niels Broekhuijsen

Niels Broekhuijsen is a Contributing Writer for Tom's Hardware US. He reviews cases, water cooling and pc builds.

  • ssdpro
    That's more like it. Depending on the positioning of this Vertex 5, I don't really see a place between Vector (awesome drive, IMO a hair better than the 840 Pro) and Vertex 4. There isn't even a lot of room between Vector and the max bandwidth of SATA3, only smaller file type speeds. I did hear Vector has some issue with the first firmware being vulnerable to sudden power loss in a unstable overclocked system - they got a firmware out to resolve it but come on... if you don't know how to overclock don't.
  • lostmyclan
    i have two vertex 4 128gb one on i3 and another on a i7 :) one year our more gaming alot on those bad boys and never get a single error.
  • alextheblue
    Samsung's 840 Pro is still pretty comparable to the Vector. If price was the same, and power consumption (especially at idle) was NOT a factor, I'd give Vector the edge too! But the reality is that Samsung's 840 Pro drive is still excellent, and it's more affordable. It regularly goes on sale too. Right now there's about a $50 delta between the 256GB models. I'll take the $50, and spend it on a better processor or graphics card. :D
  • danwat1234
    Makes a lot more sense. If it doesn't pack much of any kind of performance increase, don't make yet another new model just for a NAND die shrink.
    Vertex 3, 4 and vector all offer great performance.

    BTW, the new comments system sucks. I am always just going into the forums to post now.
  • apache_lives
    But will it work out of the box, or after an update or 5?
  • ssdpro
    I hope every drive gets a firmware update. I am glad Windows gets updates even if a few bork some systems. I am glad OSX gets updates. I am glad my AV software gets definition updates. I am glad my Sony TV got an update or the Netflix would have been endlessly unwatchable. Updates and continued support is a good thing. Nothing electronic "just works" under ALL scenarios and under EVERY variable. There are so many variables and continuous change in PC computing which is why we have updates. Heck, a couple 840 Pro samples even died in professional reviews including one by Mr. Shimpi - they had to fix it.