Sapphire Releases Two New Radeon HD 7730 Graphics Cards

Sapphire has released two new Radeon HD 7730 graphics cards, both which look almost identical, have nearly identical PCBs, and have the same GPU clock speeds. The units both feature 384 stream processors, a GPU core clock speed of 800 MHz, and have DVI, HDMI and VGA outputs.

The difference between the two cards is in the memory configuration. Coming in either a 1 GB or 2 GB flavor, both also feature different memory types and clock speeds. While the 1 GB version might sport the much faster GDDR5 memory, which runs at an effective speed of 4.5 GHz, the 2 GB version of the card will sport only GDDR3 memory and will have an effective memory speed of just 1.8 GHz. This means that while the 1 GB version of the card might appear to be the lesser card at first sight, in most situations it could actually perform better.

Sadly, Sapphire gave no word about when these two Radeon HD 7730 cards would be hitting retail shelves, nor what they would cost. That said, we cannot imagine it will be long, and expect the cards to be priced in line with competing cards.

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  • Novuake
    GDDR3? You may want to correct that...
  • haider95
    It should be priced to hit the lower end market. Pricing it any higher than 35-40 Quid would make it worthless
  • marshal11
    ... WHY? 9000 series is just around the corner, is it not? Plus, GDDR3? Better have a 256 bit bus AT LEAST then or else it won't be very useful. Doesn't seem like a very good idea.