Overclockers Push 8-core Skulltrail To 6 GHz: Dual-socket Overclocking Confirmed

Las Vegas (NV) - When Intel released its Skulltrail platform, the main focus of the platform was on overclocking capabilities. Dual-socket motherboards traditionally have not been a prime target for overclocking, and so this was an interesting proposition from Intel. Now we know that Skulltrail has lots of headroom.

Overclocking with advanced air-cooling can take Skulltrail from 3.2 GHz to 4 GHz. 4.5 GHz is reportedly manageable with a modest water-cooling system. Not surprisingly, there is a lot more capability in this platform if take an extreme Skulltrail a bit more extreme.

According to this forum post on XtremeSystems, one of big overclocking community sites, "Vince" was able to run all eight cores at 6006 MHz - or a total of 48 GHz of processing horsepower. Eight cores clocked at 6 GHz is something we didn’t expect to see in quite some time.

Our congratulations not only go to Vince, but also to the Intel engineers who created a processor that can remain stable at a clock speed that is 2.8 GHz faster than the shipping clock.

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  • Rhinofart
    I'm an AMD fan through and through. I love rooting for the underdog, but I have to admit that I'm impressed with this result. Intel really did take the ball and run with it on this one.
  • San Pedro
    Probably cost just as much to cool it as it did to buy the platform.
  • bliq
    probably more.