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Skyrim Premium Edition Confirmed by Bethesda

If you missed out on the Skyrim: Collector's Edition and you don't quite feel like paying exorbitant amounts for a rare copy, Skyrim: Premium Edition might be up your alley.

Bethesda recently confirmed the existence of this special edition of Skyrim after listed Skyrim: Premium Edition on its digital shelves.

This edition of Skyrim is loaded with goodies, including a map of Tamriel, an Elder Scrolls novel, six concept art postcards, a t-shirt, and a bonus disc (for PC only) containing a 600-paged e-book and the official soundtrack. Not bad, considering the price you're paying.

However, don't mistake Premium Edition as synonymous with Game of the Year edition. Skyrim: Premium Edition will be shipping with plenty of physical goods, but none of the DLC.

Skyrim: Premium Edition will be hitting retailers on December 7th later this year.

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