Smart Storage Systems Debuts First 2 TB SAS SSD With 19 nm MLC Flash

Smart Systems Storage has released its 2 TB SAS Optimus Eco SSD, which is the first SSD in the world to pack 19 nm MLC flash and boast a 2 TB capacity through an SAS interface. The purpose of these SSDs is to dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership due to cheaper MLC flash.

The units are built using the Guardian Technology Platform, which is a suite of features that ensure that the drives can deliver up to ten drive writes per day for an extended period of time. The units also boast read and write speeds of 500 MB/s sequential, with 100K read IOPS and 45K write IOPS. The drives also feature hardware support for 256-bit AES encryption.

"This announcement marks the beginning of a new era in flash storage. We are bringing the cost effectiveness of 19nm flash to a high performance enterprise SAS SSD platform, without compromising on endurance or reliability. This unprecedented combination will enable storage architects and data center managers to design high performance, high reliability, high available storage systems while reducing costs, and minimizing TCO,"said  Mike Lakowicz, VP of sales and marketing at Smart Storage Systems.

The drives will be available in capacities from 200 GB through 2 TB. So far, only the price of the 2 TB version is known, which is $3,999. The Optimus Eco SSDs will be available starting June 2013.

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  • drwho1
    $4000 is going to sell like hot cakes!!!
    let me know when they get to $200-$300 dollar range, until then hot cakes have nothing to worry about.
    [insert mischief face here]
  • brythespy
    Buy four 512 SSD's for a quarter of that price...
  • halcyon
    516345 said:
    Buy four 512 SSD's for a quarter of that price...

    Where can we buy a 512GB SSD for the $250 you've advertised?